A holiday home in the Pany Reka Holiday Village



As well as enjoying a family-friendly holiday home in the Pany Reka Holiday Village, the spacious Re-Ra-Rätikon playtime paradise with all its different games stations will give you lots of fun.

The star attractions are the 200 meter-long marble run and the toddlers‘ playroom with a tree-house. In the village of Pany and along the footpath to St. Antönien inquisitive explorers will find lots more games stations. As the name Re-Ra-Rätikon suggests, the playtime paradise is closely linked with the countryside and culture of the Prättigau valley region.

The sun rises in the valley but never seems to want to set. Enjoy your family holidays in a holiday home in Pany. It is perhaps the sunniest village in the eastern Alps, and for sure Prättigau is the sunniest valley where all is peaceful and informal. For those who fancy a little more glamour, famous Klosters and Davos are not so far away.

In early and late summer the Reka Holiday Village in Pany offers special holiday weeks with free baby care for families with children under 2 years-old. Free services are also included in the holiday home rent, such as an outdoor or indoor pool with kids’ splashing pools and baby equipment hire service. A community area is available as well as extensive recreation facilities for children and teenagers alike.

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