Facts and figures

Reka’s turnover results

Facts and figures
The Swiss Travel Fund has shown a sound annual performance  for 2015 despite all-time low interest rates and an expensive Swiss Franc.

The situation - Business figures as of 31.12.2015

Reka Money
Reka-Check / Reka-Card turnover CHF 611.7 million
Reka-Lunch turnover CHF 3.4 million
Reka Rail turnover CHF 43.6 million


Reka Holidays
Operating income CHF 35.3 million

For its social Holiday Help, the Reka spent some CHF 2.4 million:

Free holidays for families CHF 1.4 million
Various social actions CHF 0.1 million
Free children’s entertainment „Rekalino“ CHF 0.9 million
Total Holiday Help CHF 2.4 million

In addition, the Reka Jubilee Foundation distributed CHF 122`000.– in contributions to organizers of holidays for the disabled.


Facts and figures